The Power of Moving Alone

When I was 16 I moved to completely new country. To place I have never been, people I have never met and without any of my family. Alone. At first I hated it. It felt lonely, terrible and scary. Living... Continue Reading →

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How to Make a Bad Day Better

Everyone has bad days from time to time or often. Here I will share the steps I use to fix that problem! 1st - Stop everything you doing.┬áMany of us are busy with life.But being in a bad mood and... Continue Reading →

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Stop Chasing Happiness

When I ask people what is their life goal, some of them say: "Well, its simple, I want to be happy." This idea always bothered me. Don't get me wrong, I am by far not a negative person, I try... Continue Reading →

People Chose Negativity

With all the recent unfortunate events happening around the world, I have noticed something that has been long on my mind. People love terror for some reason. We crave for positivity in our everyday life, complain about how it is... Continue Reading →

It Will Be Worth The Struggle

Sometimes I wonder if it will worth it in the end. The struggle that you go through to achieve anything is enormous. For others it seems minimal: perfect life, no issues and everything is given to you easy. But those... Continue Reading →

Finding Motivation

Hard work is what I believe will bring you to where you want. An idea of magical inspiration and motivation that will come some day, perfect day or a lucky win might carry you through a bit, but it will... Continue Reading →

Story – A Little Town On A Little Island

Imagine a little town on a little island. Surrounded by white sand and sea shells, rocks and little caves, and endless ocean. This is our reality. In the centre is our town - Blink. Almost everyone in our town has... Continue Reading →

Finding Life Balance

Life balance. This is something that gets neglected by so many people in their life. For success people always mention working hard and focusing on one the goal. Although I am a strong believer in working hard and pouring your... Continue Reading →

Embrace Life

Life is never perfect in fact no one is. And it often bothers me how people complain about bad things, situations and people. If you want to get anywhere it will never be easy. One of the biggest lessons I... Continue Reading →

Life as an International Student

When I turned 16, I left my country to go to a high school to US for a year. The purpose of this trip was to improve English. I never thought I would decide to live away from home and... Continue Reading →

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