Life is never perfect in fact no one is. And it often bothers me how people complain about bad things, situations and people. If you want to get anywhere it will never be easy.

One of the biggest lessons I learned for myself is that hard times and bad days make you stronger, if you let them too. If you stop complaining and learn to embrace them. Let’s say you are having a bad day. For simplicity: you missed your bus, got late to work, missed deadline, lost something.

From these situation you know right away that you have to work on your punctuality, and be more organized. If you continue to complain about it the whole day your whole mind will be focused on negativity. You will be spreading negative thoughts to people, yourself and your environment.

Instead, how about you will take a breath, accept that these what had happened and you can’t take time back, and move on. I have done this thing once, where I walked on the street feeling terrible for myself. And everything seemed awful. And once I went outside with an open mind, it was incredible how much my mood got better. Simple things – children laughing, cute dogs, someone else with a big smile. It changes everything.

So next time something goes wrong: accept it and move on! Its not always that simple, but if you work hard at it you will succeed.

Spread positivity!