Everyone has bad days from time to time or often. Here I will share the steps I use to fix that problem!

1st – Stop everything you doing. Many of us are busy with life.But being in a bad mood and not productive doesn’t help anyone. Three hours of a break won’t hurt you! Rest!

2nd – Accept that you are sad. In our society being not happy or sad considered “wrong” and “weak”. People can be so judgemental towards you. Its not! its okay! In fact, life is a rollercoaster. It goes up and down and as whole consists of bad and good moments. Don’t ignore any part. Hard times, good times, they are all essential part of life. Embrace it rather than ignoring!

3rd- Allow yourself being sad! Depending on the type of person you are either talk with friends about your problem or spend time alone. Let out your emotions Let them be. Sad music… sad movie… You will be surprised how much easier it feels after.

4th – Restore yourself. Don’t keep yourself in that mood if you want to be productive. Life continues! Breath, stop for a moment, change the atmosphere to a happier one, take a bubble bath, light up candles or take a walk.

5th – Give yourself a pep talk! Lame, I know 🙂 But helpful! You can do it and you will make it.

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