Life balance. This is something that gets neglected by so many people in their life. For success people always mention working hard and focusing on one the goal. Although I am a strong believer in working hard and pouring your best in something you want to achieve, something that I found through my continuous journey is the life balance.

This mostly relates to people who have to work/study or do something that is required in life, but they do not necessarily enjoy every part of it. Here I would focus on university as this is the perspective I am talking about, but I believe it can be applied to anything.

I found that taking required courses in university does not always mean super interesting even if you like your program. Its too basic, and often has things you won’t use too much. When I started I obviously wanted to get good grades, so, I poured all my energy into it. Proving myself that I can and frankly I ended up having not the grades I wanted. The reason being that I have burnt myself. Lost motivation, inspiration, creativity. Just dry machine work.

I decided to reflect on what I have been doing wrong and what is the reason of such paradox. Spending so much time studying but still not doing well. Moreover being completely not happy with myself or anything really. I understood that I just stopped making myself inspired and wanting to wake up and do stuff. I lost that fire. So, next semester I took myself into control, made a schedule, and thought about things I want to do. For myself. My personal goals, desires, and interests.

And you know what? it worked! Yes, I have had many days where I felt down, exhausted. I had too many things, was always busy. But part of that busyness was from something that I cared about! Every goal that I have achieved gave me more inspiration and confidence in myself and school stopped being so bad.

So, wherever you are in life. Never stay in one place. Move. Do. Accomplish. Plan. Find your passion and interest and take advantage of it. Make yourself super tired, but still do it for yourself. We need something in life that keeps us up from the bed every morning.

Find balance between things that you NEED to do and things you WANT to do.

If you have any ideas or own experiences, feel free to comment if you would like 🙂