When I was 16 I moved to completely new country. To place I have never been, people I have never met and without any of my family. Alone.

At first I hated it. It felt lonely, terrible and scary. Living in the same city whole life, you don’t realize how much you depend on people. Even if you are not in so good relationship with people around you, it is so much comforting to know people. If you screw up people generally are not so harsh. You know people’s stories, you know what people like, you know what life is like.

Once you move all of that is gone. You know nobody, you start clear. People always feel more distant of you. At that point you realize that you do not really know who you are. Before people around you made you who you were, but now its just different. Let’s say first 6 months were not fun and very tough for me. And that is considering the fact that I was super happy to move in the first place.

5 years has passed since that first time and now it has been my 4th time moving. And I do not regret any of that. After a while, once you get used to it, you learn so much.

You gain confidence by understanding that you can actually accomplish many things on your own. Doing little things like building new connections, making new friends, discovering new places and so much more makes you realize what you are capable of. It helps you love yourself, trust yourself and be yourself.

You understand that all problems come not from your environment or people, but you yourself. First time I moved I thought that my life is going to be amazing somewhere else. That my family and friends and people around are stopping me from doing what I want. But actually all that time it has been me. Nothing will change unless you change. You bring yourself with you and that is the one person that stays with you since the day you are born.

You understand responsibility. When we are young, or always been under care of someone else we loose the sense of responsibility often. We rely on people. Say you lost your money and cannot take a cab or anything else. You can call your friends, your family, anyone really to help you out. When you are in a new place you need time to build that connections, and if that happens, well, it is your responsibility to figure it out. If you do something wrong, you cannot blame anyone and have to face the issue yourself.

There is so much more. But also, by moving a lot you become colder to people. You understand that people come and go from your life and it stops becoming so painful.

Right now I know people from almost every country in the world. I know different places and I can definitely say that I am proud of myself. I might not have had crazy nights of drinking or doing whatever every teenager wants to, but I have had so much more. It is amazing to see where new places bring you. And moving actually becomes an addiction. It is like a shot of adrenaline in your system. The feeling of arriving to a place being completely unaware what anything is like is very worrying but very rewarding.

If you ever get a chance like this in your life take it. If you will be smart, you will nor regret it.