Sometimes I wonder if it will worth it in the end. The struggle that you go through to achieve anything is enormous. For others it seems minimal: perfect life, no issues and everything is given to you easy. But those people do not get how much work you put into something you want.

It is all a growing experience. We struggle today thinking that was the worst thing that could ever happen, but a month later we go through more and more issues.

I noticed that most of the time the hardest struggle you face on your path to something is the conflict with yourself. It is a lonely road sometimes, and the only person left to fight is yourself.

You have to push yourself and surprisingly force it sometimes. To do something you love doesn’t always come easy and pleasant. You always will do things you do not like. World is not butterflies and rainbows unless you stay in your comfort bubble and never come out.

And you know what, it worth it. Every single tear, sweat and hardship. Path to your goal will never be easy and knowing that you achieved something yourself by overcoming problems, knowing that you won the war. The war with yourself, is the most pleasant thing that could ever happen.