When I ask people what is their life goal, some of them say: “Well, its simple, I want to be happy.” This idea always bothered me. Don’t get me wrong, I am by far not a negative person, I try to focus on the good things, move forward and do what I want.

But I think chasing happiness is silly. True happiness lasts only a moment. It is a sudden warm feeling inside that lights you up and keeps you going, but it lasts only a moment. Maybe a little more, but not a whole life.

I think the reason for not feeling happy 24/7 is just the reality, unfortunately there are no fluffy unicorns and rainbows floating around all the time. Even that would be frustrating at some point, like if you suddenly get into the dark colours phase and all those colourful objects annoy you. You get what I mean? There are always things that frustrate us. Misbalance our perfect world. And honestly – simply push us out of our comfort zones. Which is great!

So instead of having unclear goals that are pretty impossible, find something you love and go for it. Stop chasing useless dream. Unhappiness will always exist, there is nothing you can do but to find your passion.